• System maintenance

    Depur Padana Acque is able to install a system in few days (generally 5), making it operational for the customer in extremely short times.
    But that's not all: the project's technical manager will be in charge of the system's safety and perfect operation, from the testing stage and throughout the system's "life". Maintenance is periodic and follows the schedule dictated by regulation in force (with regards to routine maintenance). Depur Padana Acque obviously deals with plant extraordinary maintenance as well should the need arise.
  • Simplicity of use

    Simplicity of use is a feature of the systems implemented by Depur Padana Acque.
    Exactly due to this aspect, each system is designed in order to make the customer independent in operation and routine maintenance operations. Upon completing installation and testing, the technical manager provides adequate customer training, assuring constant support over the telephone also on the following days.
  • Technical assistance

    Response times are generally quite short exactly in view of compliance with regulations in force in terms of correct industrial waste water purification.
    Following installation or extension to existing systems, Depur Padana Acque assures constant technical support by skilled personnel who, depending on the needs, may visit the customer at their premises for required operation inspections.
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