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Oil Separators are systems that perform separation of oils and hydrocarbons from water. They are used, for instance, to collect polluted runoff water from yards and areas of engineering shops, car washes, scrapyards, service stations.

Oil Separator systems are equipped with coalescence filters and automatic closing device for oils, affording separation yields higher than 97%, thus complying with the European Regulations 858/1.

Thanks to this type of systems, the output water is guaranteed with a mineral oil and hydrocarbon content not exceeding 5 mg per litre of water.

Oil separators are instruments for work, for regulatory and environmental compliance, also perfect for the needs of garages.

Thanks to our Oil Separators, water treatment is assured pursuant to Legislative Decree 152/2006, assuring a mineral oil and hydrocarbon content within the Limits at discharge as per Table 3 (annex 5 for discharge into surface waters; Ministerial Decree 30/07/1999 for water that flows into the Venice Lagoon).

Depur Padana’s Oil Separators comply with the safety regulations overseen by the Ministerial Decree 01/02/1986.

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