impianto depurazione acque ECOSAR di Depur Padana Acque

The Plants in the ECOSAR Series are the result of extensive experience in the treatment of waste water from the most diverse industrial productions, and represent the best solution to the problem of water treatment in Companies with small and medium amounts of waste.

The application of these Systems makes it possible to remove and optimally reduce contaminants such as:

  • Turbidity
  • Suspended and settleable matter
  • COD
  • Metals
  • Surfactants
  • Mineral oils
Plants in the ECOSAR Series are built in a single-piece version, and have a capacity between 300 and 1200 lit/h.During Plant installation, it is fitted with all of necessary electro-mechanical equipment and relative internal electro-hydraulic connections and, once it has passed a thorough Internal inspection, it is ready for installation and operation, which is fully automated.

Managing Plants in the ECOSAR Series is extremely easy and, thanks to the high quality of construction and materials, these plants may also be installed exposed to the weather, without affecting regular operation.

Regarding the type and characteristics of the waste water requiring treatment, the purified water feeding out from the Plant is compliant with the limits set forth in the Anti-pollution Regulations in force.

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