impianto depurazione acque EcopakSBR di Depur Padana Acque

Operating sequence of the SBR process:

1st PHASE – LOADING: Once the waste water requiring treatment has undergone the necessary pre-treatments in suitable Septic Tanks and Grease Separators (not included in our supply), it flows out of collection tank V1 by gravity, where it is lifted by the first loading Air-Lift, and relaunched in tank V2 to undergo the SBR biological treatment. The compressed air required to operate the loading Air-Lift is managed by the timed opening of electro valve EV1.

2nd PHASE – OXIDATION: The Oxidation phase starts when tank V2 is full. V2 contains activated sludge for the biological break down of the polluting substances. The oxygen required to keep the sludge alive and homogenise it is dispensed by the opening of electro valve EV2 which sends the compressed air produced by the blower, distributing it on the bottom through fine bubble diffusers. It is essential to provide the sludge with the correct dose of Nutrients so that it is able to break down the pollutants. For this reason, during the Oxidation phase, pump MP1 provides automatically timed doses of balanced Nutrients in solution, which, if they were not provided, would compromise the effective capacity of the plant to treat the water.

3rd PHASE – DECANTATION: Following the Oxidation phase, when the polluting substances have been completely broken down, blower PS1 stops for the amount of time required for the activated sludge to be decanted into tank V2.

4th PHASE – UNLOADING: Following decantation, the purified water on the surface is collected by V2 and automatically relaunched by the Air-Lift (EV3), to the drain, in compliance with Anti-Pollution Regulations in force. At this point, if there is any new waste water in Collection Tank V1 the cycle will start again from the 1st in-feed phase.

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