impianto depurazione acque Ecolavapet di Depur Padana Acque

After numerous lab and field tests, Depur Padana Acque developed and patented an innovative treatment system using hot washing Flake-PET float/sink tanks, known as EcolavaPet.

This treatment, developed in the EcolavaPet unit, is based on a technology that has already been developed for other industrial sectors that treat extremely polluted water in large quantities.

The PET flakes are degreased at 90°C with sodium hydroxide or alkaline-based detergents: the purification treatment eliminates the contaminants released by the flakes from the de-greasing bath (mainly glue and paper).

At the same time it leaves the de-greasing strength of the bath basically unaltered, as it does not reduce the detergents or alter the water’s pH value or chemical/physical characteristics.

The insulated plant design reduces thermal exchange with the environment to a minimum, keeping the loss of heat in the water to be re-used to a minimum.

It is particularly easy to operate the plant, and running costs are considerably lower than other alternative solutions available on the market today.

The quality of PET flakes washed with de-greasing water treated through the EcolavaPet technology is used in post-consumption PET regeneration lines for fibre production, for thermoforming and for bottle-to-bottle as well.

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