impianto depurazione acque Ecoblock di Depur Padana Acque

Ecoblock is the brand new water purification system by Depur Padana Acque. The purification systems are all supplied to customers complete with electric and hydraulic connections, designed according to customer specifications (in terms of dimensional requirements and technical features).

Ecoblock systems are all ready for use and removable in case of need. Three main sections may be identified within Ecoblock:

  1. A facility room, insulated sound-proofed integrated in the Ecoblock single block, with the machinery and the main electrical panel
  2. An oxidation tank with “Toray” (Japan) flat sheet ultrafiltration membrane modules-compartments
  3. A collection tank for the water to be purified with rotary drum grid
The use of the membrane technology involves interesting advantages compared to conventional systems with separator or SBR, such as:
  • Doubling the potential of existing systems with no need to increase tank volume;
  • Higher purification yield;
  • Reduction higher than 50% of the physical space taken by the system.

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