impianto depurazione acque Ecobiox di Depur Padana Acque
Once Depur Padana Acque, familiar with the issues concerning waste water produced by car washes, developed and evolved numerous plant engineering solutions, it reached top results by launching its range of ECOBIOX® bio-oxidisers on the market.

The advantages and main characteristics of purification through Bio-Oxidation:

  • Purification and drainage in compliance with the strictest limits set forth by law (l.d. no. 152 of 03/04/06).
  • Suitable for purifying drain water from hand, brush and multi-bay self-serve car washes.
  • Simple and fully automated operation; no staff intervention required.
  • It does not use chemical products and therefore no sludge is produced requiring disposal as hazardous waste.
  • Negligible and significantly lower running costs in comparison to any alternative plant available on the market.
  • Extremely reliable and feasible possibilities of recycling the purified water, without any unpleasant odours whatsoever.
  • Another important feature of the plants is the possibility of integrating the standard supply with a solution for the very serious issue of scale content, salinity and iron in general contained in the mains or well water used in the car wash plant.
  • Membrane plants combined with bio-oxidation, which can even recycle 100% of the water: they are sized for each case based on the specific needs.

Today, the re-use of purified water is an absolute necessity. For this reason, in spite of the great success it has achieved through its consolidated range of plants, Depur Padana Acque has pursued its research activities with the intention of building increasingly efficient and up-to-date solutions able to fulfil the most demanding requests; this is how the new range of plants was developed.

This range of plants uses an innovative ultra-filtration technology on immersed membranes, applied to bio-oxidation plants, whether they are new or existing plants. Accordingly, eco.mbr plants effectively become an evolution of the well-tried and tested Ecobiox® series.

The combination of ultra-filtration and biological purification provides excellent quality purified water, which is odourless and clear of any sort of suspended or dissolved pollutant, including viruses and bacteria.

Accordingly, it is perfectly suited for re-use, even in delicate osmosis circuits; it is therefore possible to eliminate the need for a continuous supply of water from the mains or well, which is accordingly limited to topping-up any water loss due to evaporation.

Today, recycling 100% of the treated water has become a tangible reality, thanks to Depur Padana Acque’s new series of eco.mbr plants.

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