Why purify waste water in this sector?
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  • Waste water is extremely contaminated due to the presence of detergents, softeners, surfactants, solid residues (fuzz and lint)

  • Disposal without purification has high costs considering the amount of water

  • There is the obligation to manage waste water in compliance with the law

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Industrial laundries are specialised in washing large amounts of laundry, mainly offering their services to large institutions (hotels, restaurants, pizzerias, hospitals, retirement homes, etc.) and often also offer a linen rental service.

The number of industrial laundries on the market is growing constantly, with increasingly professional services and the use of ever-improving machinery, plants and technologies.

The services offered by businesses of this type and structured in this way have a strong impact on the Environment, especially in terms of the large quantities of water required for the production cycle, which must be subject to treatment before being released into the sewer system.

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Biological purification system with SBR technology (Sequencing Batch Reactor), equipped with n. 3 three vertical reactor diam. mt 3 x 7 height /each tank. Installation for treatment of water from industrial laundries.

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