Why purify waste water in this sector?
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  • There is the obligation to manage waste water in compliance with the law

  • It is required to implement an efficient system with underground, carriageable and compact installations, installed under parking lots or in areas subject to vehicular traffic

  • Receive support for the required documentation to obtain authorisations


More informations:

Recent soil and water protection regulations, in relation to the impact of industrial waste on the environment, require waste water to be treated before it is sent to the groundwater body.

Specifically, L.D. no. 152 of 03/04/2006 considers as industrial waste the water runoff from waterproofed yard such as:

  • scrapyards;
  • service areas;
  • parking lots;
  • petrol stations;
  • covered garages with more than 9 car places.

This water needs to be separated from light liquids such as diesel fuel, fuels and dispersed materials. Depur Padana Acque was one of the first companies to propose treating water from water-proof yards, implementing plants that are built in compliance with Standard UNI-EN 858 I & II.

With over thirty years of plant engineering experience in industrial waste treatment, Depur Padana Acque is in the condition to propose numerous solutions (continuously-operating plants, with by-pass, for the first flush, etc…) fulfilling the requests of the market, including in relation to the extension of the area affected by the wash-out and in relation to the Regional Regulation in force.

Demonstrating its insurmountable expertise in the field of water treatment, Depur Padana Acque boasts supply contracts with the major Petrol Companies operating in the country, namely: ENI, Q8, TOTALERG, API and Tamoil.

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