Why purify waste water in this sector?
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  • Waste water is extremely contaminated due to the presence of surfactants, COD and suspended materials

  • Disposal with no purification has high costs

  • There is the obligation to manage waste water in compliance with the law


More informations:

The production of wall paints or similar water-based products entails frequent washing of production equipment such as:

  • Preparation tanks (stationary or on trolleys)
  • Sundry equipment (spatulas, paintbrushes, small containers)
  • Reactors where the water-based paints are prepared
  • Production premises in general


The water used to wash this equipment therefore generates waste water containing various polluting substances, organic and not, released by the residues of the paints.

A specific treatment is required to remove these pollutants, so that the purified water may then be conveyed to the drain, in compliance with current Anti-pollution Regulations (ref. Legislative Decree no. 152 of 03/04/2006).

All proposed installation solutions feature:

  • Tailored plant design and implementation
  • Extreme ease of operation
  • Balanced operating costs
  • “Single block” constructive configuration pre-assembled in the Works
  • Extremely compact overall installation dimensions
  • Simplified system management
  • Management autonomy after suitable training

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Combined plant with chemical-physical pre-treatment section and subsequent biological stage with total oxidation. Customer: AKZO NOBEL COATINGS S.p.A. – Factory in CASTELLETTO TICINO (NO) Plants supplied to facilities in: CASTELLETTO TICINO (TURIN), DORMELLETTO (NOVARA), CERNOBBIO (COMO), ARGENTA (FERRARA), MOSCOW (RUSSIA)

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Paint factory Lechler

Biological plant with automatic discontinuous operation and SBR (Sequency Batch Reactor) technology treatment working capacity: up to 15 m³/day Customer: LECHLER S.p.A. – Factory in Foligno (Perugia)

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