Why purify waste water in this sector?
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  • There is the obligation to manage waste water in compliance with the law

  • Reuse of the purified water (economic saving)

  • Less pollution

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Most industrial production activities use water in their production cycle, to either wash machinery or for direct use in the processing phases.

Industrial production activities in general often require the use of more or less elevated quantities of water, to wash processing machinery or for use in actual production. In most cases the resulting waste, in relation to anti-pollution regulations that govern wastewater (ref. Legislative Decree num. 152 of 03/04/2006) cannot be directly sent to the ground water body it is intended for, rather, it requires targeted purification treatments.

Our observance of the requirements set forth by Laws on waste water is a sign of our Commitment to the numerous Businesses that need to deal with this issue.

The installation and subsequent management of hundreds of plants has enabled the Company to design specific purification treatments for diverse industrial waste, with the application of the most innovative and consolidated purification technologies on the market, which include: physical treatments, traditional or MBR chemical/physical stages and biological treatment stages, obviously with the possibility of combined and made-to-measure solutions.

Depur Padana Acque operates in the follwoing sectors, in addition to the market niches where it is a landmark:

  • textile companies;
  • tanneries;
  • food companies;
  • phosphodegreasing tunnel;
  • painting;
  • galvanic companies;
  • fruit and vegetables;
  • canning;
  • chemical;
  • garages;
  • train washing;
  • civil waste water

More references in this sector

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Supply of 3 plants for washing new high speed trains. Installation at TRENITALIA S.p.A. Bologna Ravone, Rome Ostiense and Milan Porta Garibaldi Train Stations.

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Sector other sectors


Combined chemical-physical + biological plant for the treatment of water from aircraft stripping and painting. Installation at Capodichino Airport (Naples)

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Arsenale di Venezia

Biological purification system for civil waste water with MBR technology. Installation within the scope of the plan for the realization, management and maintenance of “SISTEMA MO.SE.” c/o nord area of Arsenale di Venezia. Capacity 60 m3/day. Customer: Company PALOMAR – MESTRE (Venezia)

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