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  • Why purify waste water in this sector?

  • There is the obligation to manage waste water in compliance with the law

  • Reuse of the purified water for in-company services (watering gardens, washing vehicles, washing outer areas)

  • Efficient and compact purifiers able to significantly reduce contamination arising from foodstuff production activities (cheese, cured meats, slaughterhouses, wineries, pasta, sauces, sweets...)

  • Adequate solutions for every production sector in the agrifood sector

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  • The wastewater produced by activities in the agrifood sector alone contains quite varied contamination, generally comprised of a solid fraction composed of soil and plant or animal fragments, and a dissolved fraction, organic, due to the presence of sugar, starch, blood, alcohol, protein.Accordingly, removing the aforementioned substances requires an approach that will provide an effluent to the drain which is qualitatively compliant with the strictest limitations set forth by law (Lgs. D. 152 of 03/04/2006), an objective that represents our Company’s commitment to its Customers.Specifically, the solutions that are adopted for implementation in this sector are represented by plants and equipment that use a first stage to remove the solid/large fraction of the waste, followed by a second biological stage, which is sized depending on the qualitative/quantitative characteristics of the wastewater requiring purification.Easy use and fully automated operation are features shared by all Depur Padana Acque plants, regardless of their size and/or the materials used to build them. At the end of the start-up and inspection activities, carried out by our specialised technicians, there is always a brief training period for staff in charge of managing the plant.

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Sector agrifood

Winery of Conselve

Design and installation of a new waste water treatment system by biological activate sludge, combined to MBR technology by our monoblock reactor Mod. ECOBLOCK, for the treatment of water from vinification and bottling, with discharge of purified water to the river. Vinification activity: up to 200.000 Q grapes/season

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Sector agrifood


Hollow fibre membrane section – Working capacity: 30 m³/h PER 24 h/day Installation at BARILLA S.p.A. – Factory in Rubbiano di Solignano (Parma)

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Sector agrifood

Winery Tenute San Fabiano

Biological purification system with SBR technology (Sequencing Batch Reactor), ECOBLOCK series, equipped with utility room and thickening tank for surplus sludge, supplied already pre-assembled and with electrical and hydraulic connections, ready to use. Measurements of SBR REACTOR: diam. mt. 2.5 x 16 length Vinification activity: 12.000 Q grapes/season

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