• Chemical products

    The chemicals are synthesised by Depur Padana Acque's laboratory based on the type of waste water to be purified and always taking into account the specific requirements of each customer
    A comprehensive and totally customised service does not only go through designing a system, assembly, testing and maintenance of the same over time: Depur Padana Acque also deals with synthesising the chemicals required for day-to-day running of the system, also offering the option to re-order these products.
  • Supply of chemical products

    Depur Padana Acque's commitment starts from plant design all the way to delivery, without forgetting already installed plants in the future. In order to support correct use and optimal operation, Depur Padana Acque is able to supply chemical products for every type of plant made.
  • Technical assistance

    One of the essential features of Depur Padana Acque is connected to the ongoing technical support provided after a certain plant has been installed and commissioned.
    By joining the DPA club, each customer will be able to access a fast track to the resolution of all issues concerning operation, maintenance and supply of chemicals to operate the waste water purification system.
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