Depur Padana Acque has always kept abreast with the developments in technology in the car wash sector.
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  • Why purify waste water in this sector?

  • There is the obligation to manage waste water in compliance with the law

  • Reuse of the purified water (cost savings) in the car pre-wash stage

  • Purifier optimisation allows operating costs to be kept low

More informations:

Depur Padana Acque has always kept abreast with the developments in technology in the car wash sector; because of this direct contact with the car wash industry the Company is able to provide the Customer with a final product that fully satisfies the requirement to observe the Regulations in force on waste water drainage.

In over twenty years of exchanging information with professionals in the sector, who are required to equip their car wash points with water purification systems, our Company has acquired the know-how to be able to develop a technology that can treat waste water in an absolutely innovative way.

This is how the Bio-Oxidation-based ECOBIOX® system was developed, which offers absolutely simple and automated operation, and recycles treated water with negligible running costs.

It is this very aspect, which has been increasingly sought-after over the last decade, that has made ECOBIOX® such a success with the public, confirmed by the production and sales of over 2,000 units, to the point of becoming the most popular treatment plant on the market.

Our technical assistance service tops it all off, guiding the Customer during the crucial after-sales phase, thanks to scheduled maintenance that keeps the plant running at its maximum potential.

In addition to the treatment of car wash waste water, Depur Padana Acque is also able to provide the complete range of complementary plants, namely:

  • Imhoff tanks
  • Biological tanks
  • Degreasers
  • Active Sludge Biological Systems
  • Evapotranspiration
  • Stormwater Treatment
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